Sue on one of the mission trips she took to the Xingu River in Brazil

Sue on one of the mission trips she took to the Xingu River in Brazil

Sue Arns, Lead Pastor

I’ve know about Jesus for as long as I can remember, but following him really became a significant part of my life at about the age of 14. I remember arguing with God about what I was going to do with my life and finally saying, essentially, I give up. You win. I can say, it is one of the only arguments in my life that I am glad I lost.  

While in high school, I got involved with a Jesus movement church (read, "hippy Christian") and stayed with that church until my early 30’s.  In that time I met and married and had two wonderful sons.  We then moved to a more spirit-filled church, where we stayed for another 22 years.  Somewhere in there, God called me to be a pastor. 

In my pastoral career I've educated my own children, helped train leaders, led missionary teams, taught Bible studies, led small groups, facilitated policy discussions and research, and led ministries to help people grow deeply in their relationship with God. I've also done church event planning and plenty of volunteering. Most of this work was done in the mega-church setting, where its business model was ultimately killing my soul. 

During a time away, Jesus was preparing me for the endeavor known as Blue Ocean Faith Columbus (see my blog post on my sabbatical year;  It's exciting to experience what is happening now. 

As for education, I'm a proud graduate of The Ohio State University! Also, I'm trained as a Spiritual Director through Christian Formation and Direction Ministries ( and certified in Formational Prayer from Healing Care Ministries  ( from Ashland Theological Seminary.


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