What to Expect When You Visit

The main lobby, when you come in either door.

The main lobby, when you come in either door.

We start our service at 6pm. We’ll have a time of worship that includes singing, prayer and sometimes quiet meditation. Each week we’ll have all the words to songs and prayers for you. We hope you will find it easy to follow along. Please feel free to participate as little or as much as you prefer!

We observe an open table for communion, which means everyone without exception is invited to receive the bread and cup, which for us is the body and blood of Christ. A blessing over the communion elements happens, followed by an invitation to come forward and receive. Follow your neighbor! They’ll help you out.

During our service, it’s not unusual for people to talk a bit and share about life. People who would like to pray aloud are given an opportunity. We have an offering basket that is passed for those who are committed to financially supporting the vision of our faith movement. We also have connection cards, where you can sign up to help, serve, get prayer, or join the e-mail list. Toss those into the offering basket, as well.

During the last several songs, there is an opportunity to receive personal individual prayer from people on our pray team. Directions will be given just before the last songs start. You are welcome to come to the prayer area for any reason, or no reason at all.

After the service, we tidy up our mess and plan for the new week. Some people go out and grab late dinner together, while others get home and prepare for Monday!

Hopefully this helps prepare you, but don’t hesitate to contact us prior if you have any other questions.