What We Believe

We believe God created us with infinite variety and every unique individual is loved, completely.

We believe God created us with infinite variety and every unique individual is loved, completely.


What we believe

We affirm the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, which anchor us to a tradition of theological reflection that has guided life and thought in diverse Christian communities across the centuries.  We also offer the following three statements that reflect our church’s core beliefs.


Jesus lived as a flesh and blood human.  He welcomed children, cooked meals for his friends, pursued dreams, and challenged oppressive systems.  Jesus is also divine.  All things were created through him, all things are held together in him, and he will make all things new. Through his life, death on the cross, and resurrection, he triumphed over sin, shame, and death, releasing us from their power so that we can connect fully to God, one another, and the world. Jesus is present and alive to our every joy and sorrow, offering inner peace that is beyond our circumstances.  He transcends all human institutions and systems, and he is particularly committed to those who are disempowered. The friendship of Jesus is always, everywhere, and for everyone, good.


Human beings are created by God in his image; we are thus inherently valuable and made for relationship. To foster relationship, we engage in spiritual practices that connect us to God and others, we refrain from judgment while cultivating generosity and vulnerability, and we pursue our own maturity and well-being. We joyfully engage with all domains of human society -- work, play, science, the arts -- while being particularly committed to the Church, the community of people centered around Jesus. Through the Church, Jesus makes himself known to the world, empowering the Church by the Holy Spirit to carry forward his mission of reuniting us with God and bringing peace and justice into human society.

The Bible

The Bible is a unique communication that reveals God.  Through the Bible, God reveals to us his heart, mind, and intentions for people and the created world. Rooted in particular times and places, the Bible has come to encompass multiple written works by varied authors from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Taken as a whole, the Bible tells the story of God’s unfolding relationship with humanity, with Jesus at the center. Our own stories are filled with meaning and purpose when understood as part of its narrative, and successful interpretation produces personal and communal fruitfulness. We interact with the Bible as we would a living being, bringing to it our questions, doubts, and fears, and expecting it to challenge, frustrate, inspire, and encourage us.